Inclusive Lerni Kindergarten embraces the diversity within children's groups, recognising it as an opportunity for fostering future skill development.

The well-being of children is of paramount importance.

In the heart of Košice - at the beginning of Komenského Street - we are creating a visionary model kindergarten of the future.

We offer a space that allows us to support all children with regard to their uniqueness. At the same time, it allows us to actively support future skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, communication, active listening and flexibility.

We know that preparation for the future starts in preschool years, and we genuinely care about children's future.

Your family's needs and values are of utmost importance to us.

Every family writes its unique story long before enrolling a child into kindergarten. Families are unique in their values and skills.

At Lerni Kindergarten, we strive to connect seamlessly with your family's story, ensuring that the first peer group's experience enriches you and your child.

Prior to enrolling your child, we will engage in a dialogue with you about your expectations. At Lerni Kindergarten, we are convinced that you, as parents, know best what form of adaptation is the most suitable for your child and how your child relaxes during nap time around lunchtime. We will jointly plan the adaption process for your child's kindergarten experience. You can spend the first days in kindergarten with your child to give us the most valuable information about your child's daily routines.

We welcome close contact with parents.

Throughout the academic year, we will curate various activities to involve you in the life of our kindergarten. Do you enjoy reading kid's stories? Are you interested in creating art with children or sharing info about your family traditions? 

All your ideas are welcome here.

It is essential for us that you have the possibility to peek into your child's typical day in kindergarten and communicate with us regularly about your questions and needs.

What are parents saying about Lerni Kindergarten?

"The newly opened kindergarten was an excellent choice. We, as parents, but especially our daughter, love it. We highly appreciate the adaptation process that allows parents to spend the first days with the child. The teachers are truly excellent, with an individual and respectful approach to each child. They utilise the Montessori approach, fostering the children's creativity and social skills."

"Our experience with the inclusive kindergarten has been very positive. The collaboration and communication with the director, as well as the teachers, are very open and intensive. We have found understanding and acceptance here, and our son's needs are genuinely cared for and respected. Alex enjoys a sense of security here and enthusiastically enters the kindergarten every morning, building new friendships with peers and developing in every aspect."

Highly professional teachers

Understanding child development and family needs is the crucial prerequisite for a quality educational approach. Our teachers have extensive experience supporting child development, allowing them to customise their approach based on your child's needs and expectations. Together with you, they form a strong team for your child's development.

Inclusive environment

Future skills are best developed in an inclusive environment. In an inclusive kindergarten, children of various ages and diverse skill levels come together, and experienced teachers, through their pedagogical work, teach children to collaborate despite their differences.

 Innovative educational methods

At Lerni Kindergarten, we are ready to continuously innovate our educational methods with regard to the specific needs of your children to ensure universal development. We are interested in your child's interests and skills and are always actively searching for innovative ways to develop them. We draw from Maria Montessori's educational practice: "Help me to do it on my own".

Collaboration with professionals

A NOTABLE STRENGTH of the inclusive Lerni kindergarten is the daily cooperation with the experts from the Early Intervention Center Košice (Centra včasnej intervencie Košice, n.o.) a nonprofit organisation, and the private counselling centre SŠCPP, both located in the same building. We have access to speech therapists for language development, psychologists for emotional and social development support, physiotherapists, and special education teachers.

We have eight open seats. Visit us. 

Please contact us if you wish to enrol your child in our kindergarten or would like more information.