Lerni Kindergarten

  • 1 class - with a capacity of 18 children
  • Age-mixed peer group open to children from 2 to 6 years

  • Situated in a beautiful historic building in the broader city centre

  • Opening hours 7:30-16:30

Kindergarten spaces consist of:

  • Day room for playing, education and afternoon nap time

  • Changing room

  • Hygienic facilities

  • Eating area

  • We have access to a children's playground in an enclosed courtyard for outdoor activities. Additionally, we spend time on walks and visit playgrounds in the kindergarten's vicinity.

The financial and strategic partner of Lerni Kindergarten is Lerni.skone of the biggest suppliers of educational toys in Slovakia.

Lerni Kindergarten's professional supervisors

Mgr. Simona Šimková - psychologist

since 2009 - director of private counselling centre (súkromného centra poradenstva a prevencie)

since 2016 - director of the Early Intervention Center Košice (Centra včasnej intervencie Košice, n.o.)

MUDr. Martina Švekušová - paeditrician

2002-2017 - university teacher at Medical faculty UPJS in Košice

since 2016 - professional consultant for early childhood development in Centre včasnej intervencie Košice, n.o.

Lerni Kindergarten personnel

Monika Kuchtová

Teacher with experience in the Montessori kindergarten 

Michaela Proksová

Teacher with practice in regular and special kindergarten

Oksana Doroftei

Support personnel